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Cloud Security Maturity Assessment

An assessment based on well-known industry benchmarks

Use of the cloud is probably a reality for your organization. The question is whether you have a plan for how to explore and use it securely. Do you know how your assets are protected? What users can access them? Do you understand the responsibility allocation between your cloud providers and your organization?

To understand what to prioritize and how to navigate and manage the security work, it is critical to understand the starting point. Orange Cyberdefense offers a structured approach to assessing your security maturity from a cloud perspective, led by experienced security consultants. This enables you to plan, design and implement your security program efficiently. 

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What you get from the Cloud Security Maturity Assessment

The maturity lifecycle

The assessment and approach offer the greatest value when used in a lifecycle approach. With continuous improvement, incremental enhancements to the security posture are obtained. 

The Cloud SMA takes you to the next level.

  • With the assessment and report, you get a visual representation of where you are today in terms of cloud security maturity 
  • Based on expert advice from Orange Cyberdefense, industry benchmarks, and your level of ambition and risk appetite, priorities and targets are identified
  • Clear guidance and advice with actionable recommendations and an executive summary for your leadership team
  • Continuous improvement and relevant cloud security by implementing the required missing security controls and possible re-assessments
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