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Managed MultiCloud Protection with Microsoft Defender

Together, let's make sure your security score meets the highest standards

In today's dynamic digital landscape, securing your business against online threats is vital, but you may encounter these key challenges when implementing a robust security strategy:

  • Complex Visibility: A staggering 86% of surveyed security decision-makers feel their cybersecurity strategies lag behind their multicloud setups.
  • Misconfiguration Risks: Detecting misconfigurations remains difficult and was among the top five incident types in 2022. Misconfigurations are a leading cause of data leaks and costly breaches, averaging $4.24 million in damages in 2021.
  • Rising Vulnerabilities: The increasing number of common vulnerabilities demands a continuous and resource-intensive effort from SecOps teams to track, assess, and patch vulnerabilities.
  • Lack of Security Integration: Security by design is still not widely adopted, with over 54% of enterprises failing to integrate security into their DevOps pipelines. This delay often leaves SecOps teams with insufficient information and limited influence in the development process.

Continuously enhance your security posture

In partnership with Microsoft, Orange Cyberdefense has designed a managed service specifically meant to protect your workloads and infrastructure services against modern threats. Managed MultiCloud Protection strengthens your security posture, while helping you to achieve higher security standards for your applications.

  • We reduce your critical risks 
  • We protect your Cloud workloads
  • We Speed up multiple pipeline DevOps security
Our service at a glance

What are the key benefits?

Reduce the risk of a security breach.

Understand your multi-cloud security postureand how it can be improved

24/7 services and unique Orange Cyberdefense expertise and Threat Intelligence.

Overall improvement of Security Admin. productivity.

What are the use cases?


Gain a top-level view of the multi-cloud security state, and track progress over time.

Security Admin

Learn from reports with hardening recommendations, rollout of security policies and monitoring of vulnerabilities.

Security Operations

Leverage workload-specific threat detection and response mechanisms to identify attacks, investigate incidents and mitigate threats.

What value do we bring with Microsoft?

Unrivalled Threat Intelligence

Microsoft's volume, our diversity.

  • Attacker Infrastructure active probing
  • Dark Web and Ransomware leak sites
  • Takedown of fraudulent domains & phishing sites

Established leaders

Two industry recognized leaders, combining Microsoft's market-leading technology with Orange Cyberdefense's people, processes and intelligence-led services.


Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) & Microsoft-verified MXDR solution badge holder.


More than 150 Microsoft certified experts over 3,000 cybersecurity people.

Incident Response Hotline

Står du overfor en cyberhendelse akkurat nå?


Kontakt vår globale 24/7/365 tjeneste incident response hotline.