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"Empower your SOC"

Incident management platforms with the SAO concept build on existing detection mechanisms, e.g. the SIEM, and support the three functions of the Security Operation Center (SOC) - People, Processes & Technology. They are the central control element of incident management and incident response. Events are efficiently and effectively analyzed and processed through the adapted case management, a GUI tailored to the needs of the analysts, the networking with the existing security infrastructure and the use of runbooks.

Benefits of incident management platforms using  the SAO concept

  • a platform to relieve and support the analysts
  • Support in incident management / handling and incident response
  • Centralized case management with additional case reduction through clustering of events
  • reduced MTTD and MTTR through more efficient processing of the cases
    Design and visualization of processes with different levels of automation of the individual process steps (manual, semi-automatic, automatic) through graphical user interfaces
  • Automation of standardized processes
  • Out-of-the-box runbooks for individual adaptation
  • Central orchestration of the security components using a ready-made API connection
  • the complete overview of the situation of the SOC through various KPIs and metrics

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  • Siemplify

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