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SIEM & Log Management

SIEM – the heart of the Cyber ​​Defense Center

The SIEM system represents the heart of a company’s IT security solutions: it processes a variety of information in order to detect attacks, identify incorrect configurations, ensure compliance and provide an overview of the security status of the organizations.

The SIEM is strong in real-time analysis of event data. For searching in historical data e.g. A log management solution is ideal for a forensic analysis. With a simple search interface, this allows efficient and effective searching of all relevant log data.

SIEM & log management: advantages

  • A holistic overview of the security situation of the organization / company
  • Reduction or minimization of the risk of falling victim to attacks
  • a control center for security tools
  • Relief of individual employees by simplifying workflows and increasing automation
  • Industry-specific solutions and know-how (e.g. financial sector, automotive industry)
  • close manufacturer partnerships in the SIEM environment
  • Expert knowledge of different products enables comparability and, at the same time, manufacturer neutrality
  • Organizer of a manufacturer-neutral SIEM roundtable with participants from leading DAX companies
  • long-standing training provider in the SIEM area

Our technology partners

  • Splunk
  • LogRhythm
  • Micro Focus ArcSight

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