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Consolidating your security solution stack with Managed Threat Detection and Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM

Niklas Klotz

Product Manager, Orange Cyberdefense

Threats and the technologies used to detect and respond have dramatically evolved over the past years, but security teams are increasingly overwhelmed by alerts and fail to meet their KPIs. At the same time, security leaders seek solutions to consolidate the solution stack and improve the total cost of ownership. It’s time for a transformation.

The continuous back and forth between evolving threats and detection capabilities has led to various point solutions to solve individual challenges such as EDR, NDR, and SIEM leading to what is known as the SOC visibility triad.

Organizations seeking Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services are often confronted with various services based on different point solutions. Such point services often lack the capability to cover your individual business risks in an efficient manner, provide unaligned SLAs, and ultimately fail to meet your requirements.

Covering your key business risks

A key consideration when looking at MDR services is the coverage of your individual business risks by leveraging key security data across your business.

As our Security Navigator unveiled, End-User devices and servers are the primary assets affected by security incidents we investigated across our services. This clearly underpins the need for an MDR service covering your endpoints with threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

However, effective threat detection must cover more than your endpoints to keep up in the back-and-forth battle of threat evolution versus threat detection. As an example, network telemetry increases the detection of confirmed security incidents by 138% and can make a significant impact in detecting stealthy attacks.

This can only be achieved by transforming from a siloed approach to a fully integrated MDR service bringing threat detection and response capabilities covering key security data together with orchestration, automation, and cyber threat intelligence.

This is where Managed Threat Detection [xdr] by Orange Cyberdefense, powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM, comes into play.

Managed Threat Detection [xdr] is a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, provided and managed by Orange Cyberdefense on a single platform, which utilizes key security data from across your organization to detect and respond to threats faster and more accurately than ever before by utilizing detection and response, artificial intelligence, automation, and orchestration technologies.

Improving your total cost of ownership

At the same time, security leaders increasingly seek the consolidation of their security solution stacks while leveraging automation and AI to faster detect and respond to threats.

However, to cover the individual business risks many organizations have combined EDR and NDR with other technologies and ingested all data into a SIEM for visibility. In response to the inefficiency and alert fatigue, more and more organizations augment their solution stack with SOAR capabilities to reduce manual efforts and decrease the time to respond to threats. This can easily drive the total cost of ownership of your solution stack to an unpredictable level.

When evaluating the ROI of your security investment and consolidation of your security solution stack, the first step is to consider, understand, and evaluate all costs of your current and target service and solution stack.

Managed Threat Detection [xdr] powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM consolidates siloed services on point solutions into a single MDR service. This consolidation provides better and faster threat detection and response by leveraging automation and threat intelligence while reducing your total cost of ownership in a predictable cost model.

Achieving compliance

With the upcoming European Network and Information Security Directive (NIS 2) many organizations will need to reconsider their security strategies. The directive aims to harmonize cybersecurity requirements and their enforcement across member states by setting a benchmark of 'minimum measures,' which includes risk assessments, policies and procedures for cryptography, security procedures for employees with access to sensitive data, multi-factor authentication, and cybersecurity training. It also directs companies to create a plan for handling and reporting security incidents, as well as managing business operations during and after a security incident.

Managed Threat Detection [xdr] powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM supports you on your journey to achieve compliance with NIS 2 by providing important elements such as technical and organizational measures to manage risks, AI to improve your detection and prevention capabilities as well as cyber hygiene and active cyber protection.

Threat Detection & Response for your hybrid workforce

The vast majority of enterprise organizations are planning or starting to implement modern cybersecurity policies and technologies based on elements of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework. With Managed Security Access, Orange Cyberdefense supports you to move the enterprise security paradigm from perimeter protections designed to keep bad actors out, to protecting data and applications at rest and in transit, whether inside the network or not.

Integrating Managed Secure Access with Managed Threat Detection [xdr], supports you to go one step further and build comprehensive capabilities to continuously monitor your network traffic for sophisticated threats and rapidly respond to security incidents with accurate actions such as dynamically adjusting security policies for compromised users.

Robust MDR services to achieve business transformation

In today’s fast changing world and rapidly evolving threat landscape organizations require robust MDR services and solution which provide flexibility while at the same time align with overall business goals.

Managed Threat Detection [xdr] on Palo Alto Cortex XSIAM is the ideal service to bring your threat detection and response capabilities to the next level while consolidating your security solutions stack and improving your total cost of ownership. With our service, you will get:

  • Risk coverage – Our service moves beyond endpoint detection and response by integrating endpoint, network, identity, and cloud data with every other log source, such as ERP data, needed to cover your business risks in a single MDR service.
  • Improved security and cost – We consolidate key security data from all across your modern enterprise in a single MDR service to help you reduce your solution stack, improving the total cost of ownership and improving detection and response at the same time.
  • Rapid Detection & Response – Our service utilizes artificial intelligence, automation, and orchestration to provide faster mean-time-to-detect and mean-time-to respond to threats. Additionally, we leverage native response actions as well as integrations with your existing infrastructure to provide more accurate threat response to stop threats before impact.
  • Time-to-Value: Traditional security solutions easily get complex, and onboarding new data sources requires high effort. Managed Threat Detection [xdr] leverages hundreds of integrations available for Palo Alto Networks Cortex. This reduces complexity and ultimately leads to a faster time to value.
  • Adaption to the evolving threat landscape – We go beyond the out-of-the-box detection capabilities with Orange Cyberdefense Threat Intelligence, custom detection rules, and threat hunting.
  • Intelligence-led security – We provide detailed and enriched detection context for fast and effective analysis which is continuously tuned by our teams and by leveraging our unique Threat Intelligence Datalake.
  • World-class MDR team – Orange Cyberdefense provides you with highly skilled security analysts and platform expertise 24x7 as a service, giving you rapid deployment and strong, proven processes. Our Security Analysts query a huge set of telemetry data, triage every incident, isolate confirmed threats, and execute proactive threat hunting.
  • European Delivery – We operate our service and host our infrastructure fully in Europe and augment the service with a designated Service Delivery Manager to support you in your local language.

Orange Cyberdefense and Palo Alto Networks Cortex - a winning team

“For the past years, Orange Cyberdefense has been at the forefront of SOC innovation. Today Orange Cyberdefense is once again demonstrating its innovative and disrupting DNA by embracing our Cortex XSIAM technology into their managed services MTD suite.” David Gontharet, Orange Alliance Director, Palo Alto Networks.

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