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Red Team Services

Red team exercises accurately simulate real-world attacks

Put your security to the ultimate test. Significantly more sophisticated than a standard penetration test, our Red Team Exercises accurately simulate advanced, covert, multi-phase attacks in the real-world.

Embodying the mindset and methodology of real hackers, the Orange Cyberdefense team will use any and all means necessary to compromise your organisation – including physical breaches, Wi-Fi signal manipulation and social engineering. Our renowned ethical hackers will realistically test your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to an attack in progress, as well as benchmark the damage that could have been caused. Afterwards, we will provide a detailed report, breaking down the attack strategies used, their success, and how to mitigate against them effectively.

Significantly more sophisticated than an internal assessment, Red Team assessments simulate real-world, covert, multi-phase attacks as they would be performed by real and persistent criminals.

These assessments are based around “goals” agreed up front which have a significant impact on the focus of the assessment. Careful thought and planning need to go into the goals, considering possible security failures in your most important business functions. For example, a goal could be to gain access to a material amount of money, or secret business information, or large amounts of data under regulatory scrutiny. These goals are important for replicating a real-world attack, as real criminals have such motives. The methods used to attain these goals are as unrestricted as feasible, allowing for any likely attack scenario to be played out.

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Key benefits

Reduce risk of attack: Mimicking real hacker behaviours provides greater visibility into your organisations weakness.

Verify your security controls: Tests are conducted against infrastructure and employees revealing the organisation’s ability to detect and respond to attacks.

Prioritise your risks: Understanding what the most critical security issues are helps you to prioritise and focus remediation efforts.

Tailored approach: Our ethical hackers simulate cybercriminals, identifying security issues beyond the capability of automated tools or standard penetration tests.

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