Managed Detection and Response for the Cloud

Keep a light on during bad weather

Organizations are now overwhelmed with complexity.

Hybrid cloud environments and the explosion of remote working have all expanded the attack surface so that the traditional perimeter is no longer relevant.

Value and business are now built on data as we embrace cloud platforms and utilize cloud applications.

But this shift to innovation is not without risk.

How to get peace of mind in this ever-evolving threat landscape?

Get full visibility on your cloud estates

Multi-cloud, multiple challenges

Cloud migration is exposing security teams to new threat scenarios

How to cope with blind spots and an expanded attack surface?

How to deal with compromised cloud accounts and insider threats?

How to identify actionable insight and not overwhelm security teams?

How to adapt incident response procedures to a shared security model?

Do you need help with selecting the right Detection and Response solution?

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Orange Cyberdefense, a proud member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend against a world of increasing threats.

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Orange Cyberdefense’s Cloud Security Solutions now available on AWS Marketplace!

Orange Cyberdefense expands cloud security solutions available in AWS Marketplace.

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We combine the talent of our experts with the best technologies to secure your multi-cloud and hybrid environments

Why Orange Cyberdefense?

Complete monitoring on accounts and identities

End-to-end understanding of Cloud Security – not just Detection and Response.

Intelligence-led approach

In-house research team and proprietary threat intelligence.

Maximize visibility

Managed Detection and Response from traditional data centers to Cloud operations.

Speed up time to value

Set of ready-to-use detection capabilities to get you up and running quickly.

Identify real threat signals in the noise

Intelligence-led security to make the right strategic, operational and tactical decisions.

The cloud is changing everything we know about security.

For a strong detection and response strategy, Office 365 monitoring is just as vital as the endpoint and the network.

We can help you to:  ​

  • Adopt an XDR approach to tackle these fundamental threat vectors – either in isolation or as a combined function – with our global network of 14 CyberSOCs providing 24×7 incident triage, analysis and reporting​
  • Utilising a capability to integrate with Azure AD, our CyberSOC can also lock down Office 365 compromises before they spread
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