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User Behavior Analytics

Who’s in and why?

Network portals are like the lobbies of large hotels: a constant coming and going of guests, visitors who only want to go to the bar for a short time, conference participants, catering services, employees … hotel thieves who secretly clear out the guests’ rooms have it easy to hide here. And what if it is even one of the employees who does long fingers?

It is similar in company networks: hundreds or even thousands of internal and external employees log in every day – often spread over several locations or national borders, in different systems, often even several times.

Attackers skillfully use this flood of accesses to camouflage their activities. Getting lost in the crowd is often all too easy. Using social engineering or spear phishing, it is also easy to obtain confidential information or incite employees to act rashly – this is how employees often unconsciously become accomplices.

What does the web designer want in accounting?

User Behavior Analytics (UBA) makes it possible to distinguish between normal activities and secret malicious intent. It starts with such mundane things as checking double logins at the same time or unusual file and service access. But more complex relationships are also analyzed, such as access from different locations in different countries within a few minutes.

Whether it is just a policy violation such as account sharing, a hacked login or even deliberate damage – only those who are alerted immediately can react.

Follow hot tracks with UBA

  • Identification of policy violations
  • Detection of hacked accounts
  • Compliance with data protection guidelines through anonymization (until an actual incident occurs)
  • Early detection of insider threats

Technology partner

  • Exabeam
  • Splunk
  • LogRhythm

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