Next generation intelligent network access control – visibility, transparency and status of the network in real time

Network Access Control (NAC; network access control) is a technology that supports the defense against malware from within the network.

The attempt to maintain the security guidelines for all devices connected to the network (known and unknown, managed, IoT, BYOD, PC, cellular, etc.), as well as an overview of different types of users (employees, guests, contractors), which over numerous Access mechanisms (cable, W-LAN, VPN) to access the network is very difficult and no longer possible without automated systems.

This manifests itself in various problems:

  • Insufficient visibility and control of all endpoints in the network, especially with BYOD and IoT devices
  • Lack of real-time monitoring and continuous diagnosis
  • Lack of data exchange between security products, which weakens the control context
  • Lack of automation to react quickly to problems and contain serious threats

Possible solutions

  • Discover real-time information about the status of the network – users, devices, systems and applications
  • Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting in the event of security problems, as well as for the configuration of the endpoints
  • Block “rogue” devices, malicious behavior, unapproved software and advanced threats
  • Network access tailored to the user, device and security situation
  • Central, policy-based coordination instead of a multitude of individual security solutions
  • Identify and control “everything” in the network in real time: devices, users, applications
  • Policy enforcement on end devices with many built-in rules, flexibly adaptable
  • Automated detection and elimination of vulnerabilities, quarantine, update of outdated software versions (browser, Acrobat Reader, etc.)

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