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Managed Industrial Security [identify]

Get visibility for data-driven OT security

You can’t protect what you don’t know

The digital transformation enables business to uncover tremendous new business potentials and to be proof for the future - but it also means that networks which have not been designed for it are connected with each other. For many security teams this means that they need to build a security program for an environment which is unknown to them.

Securing the digital transformation of your business means to be able to understand your environment, protect your network and assets, detect complex threats, prepare for security incidents, and much more. The choice of a valid security partner to accompany you throughout this journey is business-critical.

Let us provide you with OT visibility so you can focus on making the right decisions

With Managed Industrial Security [identify], we help you on turning visibility in data-driven OT security:

  • We deploy and manage the OT Security Platform from a supported vendor
  • We build and maintain a continuously updated inventory of assets in your OT environment
  • We contextualize asset information and map connections and vulnerabilities
  • We provide actionable recommendations specific to your environment
  • We leverage Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Intelligence to provide better insights
  • We provide you with a reliable information basis to build a security program on.
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Key benefits at a glance

A vendor agnostic approach: we support all market-leading OT Security Platforms and manage them for you.

Access to the Orange Cyberdefense customer portal for full asset visibility.

Up-to-date data on your OT assets, connections and vulnerabilities.

Prioritized recommendations to increase your OT security maturity and early warnings on new vulnerabilities.

Why Orange Cyberdefense?

European leader with global footprint and proven OT security expertise.


Dedicated support on OT and IT security to help you increase your security maturity.


Dedicated OT security specialists and specialized OT managed security service delivery teams.


A worldwide presence allows us to support you wherever you are and at any given time 24/7/365.


Cross-industry experience and know-how of industry standards, enhanced by strong partnerships with market leading OT security vendors.

Incident Response Hotline

Står du overfor en cyberhendelse akkurat nå?


Kontakt vår globale 24/7/365 tjeneste incident response hotline.