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Cybersecurity for Manufacturing

An industry affected like no other

Digital transformation – and what then?

The manufacturing industry is affected by the digital revolution to a greater extent than other industries. Digital ordering systems and supply chains are quite a normal thing to see across other industries as well. But when it comes to integrated production we are entering a whole new level of complexity and challenges. What is called Operational Technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) is highly sophisticated and specialized – and hence needs special forms of protection.

To leverage the benefits of integrated production and a seamless connection to the IT domain it is necessary to understand both differences and similarities of each world.

We can help you to effectively reduce your risks on this journey.


Benefits and risks of convergence

Well implemented security is a major business benefit, protecting significant investments and production capability. Reducing the attack surface can not only keep you in business, it can also prevent damage to your entire supply chain and even prevent physical harm being done. So mitigating vulnerabilities and preventing, detecting and responding to attacks is not only for a single organization's benefit, but helps the industry in general.

Orange Cyberdefense helps customers across verticals, facing challenges related to the use of industrial control systems or SCADA environments. Many challenges are similar, and security solutions must be applied across OT and IT environments to enable efficient operations and management.

Why we can help you

A strong partner to face the security challenge


Dedicated support according to your activity sector in order to set up a strategic, integrated security approach.


A hybrid team: OT/IT experts dedicated and specialized in industrial systems security.


A worldwide presence allows us to support you wherever you are and at any given time 24/7/365


A portfolio adapted to address both stakeholders: IT and OT.

Gartner lists Orange Cyberdefense as Representative Vendor for Operational Technology Security.

Gartner Market Guide for Operational Technology Security, January 2021.

Operational technology security products and services continue to evolve rapidly. Gartner provides security and risk management leaders with an overview of the state of the OT security market and recommendations to leverage the evolving landscape of available OT security offerings.


Discover our solutions for OT and ICS protection

We have scalable and proven solutions for some of the most important challenges Manufacturing customers commonly face:

  • Industrial Remote Access
  • Industrial Endpoint Protection
  • ICS Malware Cleaner
  • ICS Asset Inventory
  • IT/OT Segmentation
  • Industrial Information & Event Management
  • ICS Mock-up


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