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Infrastructure Security Assessment Services

Security assessment services

How would a real-world attacker compromise your network? Our comprehensive Security assessments aim to answer this question, quantifying your level of cyber risk, testing compliance and providing a baseline for security across your business.

Embodying the mindset and methodology of real hackers, SensePost’s experts will attempt to breach your organisation’s defences, enter your network and retrieve critical information assets. Taking a more formal and systematic approach than in traditional penetration tests, our ethical hackers will reveal a point-in-time snapshot of your security posture that unmasks any and all exploitable vulnerabilities. Whether our assessments take the perspective of a hacker outside or within your network, we will ensure your business understands the attack strategies and techniques most likely to be used – and how to mitigate against them.

Key benefits

  • Reduced risk: Comprehensive reviews increases the chance of finding any security issues before a hacker does.

  • Improved application resilience: Testing from the criminal’s perspectives highlight weaknesses hackers look for.

  • Exhaustive testing: Experienced security consultants review the application from a hacker’s perspective.

  • Verified and prioritised : Exploitable vulnerabilities verified by expert analysts with clear advice on remediation that prioritises crucial vulnerabilities.

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