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Data-centric security

Do you know where your data is stored? Do you know who has access?

How do you apply the right protection levels, regardless of where it resides – within your traditional network perimeter, in the cloud, or on an endpoint?

Protecting data is more important than ever. It is undeniably difficult, with data flows across perimeters, stored and processed by various providers in multiple environments. Data-centric security offers powerful security controls, on top of your network-centric protection.

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Managed Data Protection

Safeguarding your essentials: Orange Cyberdefense understands that protecting sensitive data is mission-critical for most organizations.

The Managed Data Protection Service is designed to protect business-critical and sensitive data from malicious external actors and insider threats. The service combines multiple capabilities to achieve a ‘least privilege’ security model, with options that enable business outcomes such as data regulation compliance and threat detection and response.

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Embedding security instead of ring fencing

There are different technologies available to solve various parts of these areas. But above all, it is the process diligence that defines the success of data-centric security. As data volumes are exploding in size, the task of protecting the most critical data assets becomes so much more important. Archive and migrate data to the cloud securely, search the cloud and recover on-demand. The golden nuggets of an organization’s data must be identified and secured at all times.

Orange Cyberdefense has the expertise to help design and implement both data-centric technical solutions and processes. We help you select and implement the appropriate controls, and guide you on how to run the process. A data-centric approach for security means that data needs to be identified, classified and protected wherever it resides. This calls for efficient tools and processes around:

Data discovery


Access control


Data loss prevention

Governance and compliance

Secure data, secure everything

Losing business-critical data could mean financial loss, interrupted business, or compliance breaches with hefty fines as a consequence.Use one policy-based solution for on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud data. Every organization has to ensure that they have the right level of data protection for their sensitive assets. Data-centric security helps safely enable the business to benefit from the opportunities provided by modern technology. The advantages of cloud can be utilized, knowing that sensitive data is controlled and protected.


Identify the golden nuggets

Orange Cyberdefense has the expertise to help design and implement both technical solutions and processes for a data-centric security approach. We help you identify critical assets, implement appropriate controls to safely enable your business.

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