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Operational Governance, Risk and Compliance

Shape the backbone of your security strategy with Governance, Risk and Compliance

Adapting to complex cyber threats

Cyber threats range from well-established approaches like phishing attacks to emerging ones like cyber extortion, hacktivism and AI-driven attacks by cybercriminals.

In addition to providing comprehensive defense, Orange Cyberdefense’s GRC principles offer a strategic framework for mitigating financial and reputational risks while preserving your organization’s brand.

Achieved through governance, robust risk management, and the right compliance measures, this approach can enable your organization to navigate the complex domain of cyber threats with confidence and, ultimately, resilience. 

Develop operation resilience through GRC

Understanding the GRC principles

To effectively adapt to and navigate the shifting threat landscape, organizations must transcend the boundaries of traditional IT-focused cybersecurity strategies and embrace a holistic approach grounded in resilience and proactive measures.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance principles should be used as a foundational framework for cybersecurity:

  • Governance, the strategic compass for an organization's cybersecurity, aligns the strategy with the given objectives.
  • Risk management entails proactively identifying, assessing and mitigating risks. Anticipating and enabling preventive measures to minimize their impact is also essential.
  • Compliance, like a dependable lighthouse, ensures organizations navigate the complexities of the cyber domain while upholding legal and ethical standards.

Let us help you build a holistic and operational GRC approach and get you one step closer to cyber-serenity

The Power of GRC in cybersecurity is realized when Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance principles synergize, while aligning with your business objectives.

At Orange Cyberdefense, we can help you do that and more. Empowered by our specialized GRC consulting teams, we can help you protect critical areas but also mitigate financial and reputational risks, thus offering a comprehensive frameword that bridges technology with strategic goals.

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Learn more about the power of GRC

Download the Security Navigator 2024 and learn about five practical GRC implementation tips by Margarita Sallinen, Information Security Consultant at Orange Cyberdefense.

Why Orange Cyberdefense?


You can rely on our 320 consulting experts worldwide, who are ready to assist you.

275 of them are specialized in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

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We have cross-industry experience and unique know-how of industry standards.

worldwide presence allows us to support you wherever you are, and at any given time.

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Orange Cyberdefense is rated as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: European Managed Security Services Providers (2022).

Our certifications and accreditations allow us to practice in compliance with the regulatory standards.

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