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Transform your organisation through automation

Enterprise technology investment is evolving. Companies can no longer fully fund and adopt technology for only a small fraction of its potential use or capability.

This is inefficient and impacts the bottom line for businesses. Process automation, in particular automated response, has become a business driver to deliver not only operational efficiencies but smarter, faster ways to orchestrate and respond to threats and incidents.

Automation offers the promise of increased efficiencies and reduced costs across an organisation, by reducing the burden on the people who have less time to execute tasks. If implemented with the right tools, automation can aide in the prevention of successful cyber attacks.

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What is AutoXR?

AutoXR is a security orchestration and automated response as a service offering from Orange Cyberdefense.

The service is designed to provide customers with a simple and extremely cost efficient way of deploying and operationalising security orchestration and automated response.

AutoXR enables businesses to achieve greater efficiency without hiring additional staff. It minimises overhead costs by handling incident detection and response, aiding security teams in managing budget constraints during the 'cost-of-doing-business crisis.'

What business challenges is AutoXR addressing?

Replaces manual processes and tasks directly related to the reduction of operational overhead or risk

Enabling precious resources to focus on more important tasks and even assisting them to do so

Driving a faster time to respond which improves process efficiency by up to 95%

Provides a much lower price point as it’s based on consuming primally against business use cases

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