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Industrial machines

OT Security Assessments

Assessing your OT security posture with full transparency

OT environments can be heterogeneous and confusing​

OT environments can sometimes be complex, presenting various challenging factors that demand careful consideration: 

  • OT consists of diverse legacy systems, proprietary technologies, and interconnected devices​
  • Limited visibility into OT networks and devices hinders the understanding of the attack surface and potential vulnerabilities​
  • Many industrial systems are legacy technologies that were not designed with security in mind​
  • Retrofitting security measures onto these systems can be difficult​
  • Bridging the gap between IT and OT teams and aligning their goals and approaches can be difficult

Understanding your ever-changing cybersecurity landscape​ is key

At Orange Cyberdefense, we accompany you throughout your journey to an efficient industrial system cybersecurity. With our OT Security Assessments, we can help you to:

  • Evaluate your security posture
  • Understand and define the operational risks at stake
  • Provide actionable recommendations with regards to people, processes and technology
  • Meet and comply with regulatory requirements​
  • Justify investment decisions

Our Industrial Security​ Assessment​ Modules​

OT Security Assessment [Basic]

  • We help you define your business and security needs and interview your identified experts.

  • We identify your high-level OT security posture.

  • We review your OT network design.

  • We provide a detailed assessment report outlining the findings, insights, and recommendations.

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OT Security Assessment [Advanced]​

  • We gather an extended collection of information through interviews and document reviews​ with your identified experts. 
  • We perform site walkdowns with collection of random samples for detailed analysis​
  • We proceed to a tool-based identification of assets and communication​
  • We provide you with a detailed assessment report including list of assets, vulnerabilities and actionable recommendations with regards to people, processes and technology​
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OT Security Assessment [Design]​

  • We do an architecture review of your OT networks from a security perspective​.
  • We design a secure network architecture for your OT environments​.
  • We transform our security recommendations into concrete security measures and solutions for you to put in place.
  • We perform a comprehensive assessment for you to fortify your security against potential threats.​
  • We do risk analysis and prioritization of strategic actions for enhancing IT/OT separation and enhancing the security of your OT network​.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current OT security posture.
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Why Orange Cyberdefense?

European leader with global footprint and proven OT security expertise.


Dedicated support according to your activity sector in order to set up a strategic, integrated security approach.


Dedicated OT security specialists and specialized OT managed security service delivery teams.


A worldwide presence allows us to support you wherever you are and at any given time 24/7/365.


Cross-industry experience and know-how of industry standards, enhanced by strong partnerships with market leading OT security vendors.

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