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Aalborg Municipality fortifies e-mail protection with Orange Cyberdefense

Customer Profile



Public Administration










The Challenge

The customer was seeking an effective new e-mail security solution. It had to be easy to use for end users and the support team. Aalborg Municipality also wanted seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and its cloud-based IT system management (ITSM) solution. Finally, the team wanted to work with a known, trusted vendor. 

The Project

Working with Check Point Professional Services, Aalborg Municipality initially tested Harmony Email with 80 users and mailboxes. One week later, they expanded the test to 2,000 users and then to 4,000 users. After four weeks everyone across the municipality was enrolled.

Harmony Email & Collaboration provides complete protection for Microsoft 365, as well as Google Workspace and other collaboration or file-sharing apps. It blocks advanced phishing, malware, BEC, account takeover, and ransomware attacks before they reach users’ inboxes, and it protects sensitive business data from leaving the organization.

Organizations typically experience a 99% reduction in phishing attacks that reach mailboxes.

According to René Ellersgaard, Systems Engineer at Aalborg Municipality, Checkpoint Harmony Email and Collaboration is particularly relevant for companies and organizations that have a high degree of confidential and sensitive data, such as personal information about customers, citizens or patients. It can be companies of different sizes within different industries, e.g. the financial and healthcare sectors, retail trade, manufacturing companies, public institutions and many others.

The Solutions provided

Services provided:

  • POC/test, integration and rollout of Check Point Harmony Email
    (three tiers: 80, 2,000 and 4,000 users)
  • Roll-out to all employees after four weeks
  • Consulting for Check Point


  • Check Point Harmony Email


  • complete protection for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and other collaboration platforms
  • 99% reduction in phishing attacks that reach mailboxes
  • Reduced support time through seamless integration with ITSM product to automate review of suspicious e-mails

René Ellersgaard

Systems Engineer at Aalborg Municipality

Orange Cyberdefense has throughout the whole process from counseling, installation, implementation, and the follow-up shown they have a good technical understanding of our installation, and business needs and goals.”

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If you are interested in all the details of the project you can download this case study as a PDF. 

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