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Security Maturity Assessment

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To achieve your goal you need to know where you start

We help Europe’s leading security professionals navigate the complexities of designing an effective cyber security strategy fit for the modern world.

Security maturity is important.

With maturity comes achievement of information security objectives; systematic identification, analysis and control of risks. Security maturity supports your employees in carrying out their daily work and helps the management team understand what is actually happening.

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Our Security Maturity Assessment helps customers understand where they stand in the spectrum of security maturity and provides a long-term strategy of effective cyber protection.

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Continuous Improvement

Get real-time updates on areas that require attention from you and your team. Collaborate with our team of cyber security experts and leverage their capabilities and industry expertise to help further enhance your cyberdefense.

Proven Methodology

Benefit from a platform that has been developed from over 25 years’ experience in designing, delivering and supporting security solutions to major organisations across the globe. Benefit from a platform that has been developed by a company that understands the current and emerging cyber security landscape better than anyone in the world.

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Actionable Next Steps

View actionable and prioritised recommendations advising you on the most effective next step to increase your organisation’s security maturity. All recommendations are made by the Orange Cyberdefense Cybersecurity Advisory Services (CAS) team and are 100% specific to your organization.

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Giles Antonio Radford, 

CIO of Transcoma Shipping

The Security Maturity Assessment has helped us understand which improvements to our cyber security operations should be prioritised and why. With this, we were able to create an actionable strategy for the coming years.

Executive Reporting

Generate one-click executive reports for your leadership team and executive stakeholders. Provide your executive team with the insights they require in order to help them make better-informed project and investment decisions.

Industry Comparison

See how your maturity score compares with that of competitors in your industry, as well as all other SecureLink customers. Additionally track and monitor how your own security maturity is changing over time.

Power of Knowledge

We suggest organizations should focus on the benefits and outcomes of a vulnerability management program and apply it according to the organizations business strategy and priorities.

The 2019 European Security Maturity Report

This report is built on thousands of answers from European small, medium and large enterprises, across the axis of people, process and technology, and prevention, detection and response. Without our customers, this report would not have been possible. Our thanks goes out to those seeking improvement of their posture, by candidly assessing their security maturity.

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