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Security / Email Gateway

‘Web’ has become one of the primary attack vectors. Companies offering web services are under attack from SQL-infection or Cross-site scripting attacks. Internal users fall victim to malicious websites or drive-by downloads.

The need to defend from web-based attacks is an increasing priority and is set to become even more important as inter-connected, web-enabled devices dominate the landscape.

• Cost-effective assessments: Rapid detection of vulnerable web applications enables pre-emptive remediation.

• Protected web estate: Websites and pages protected against attacks.

• Improved security: Mitigate against infections from malicious websites by inspecting and/or blocking site content.

• Access control: Visibility into and control over access to business-specific sites while blocking streaming, file-sharing or unsanctioned sites.

Services we offer:

• Managed web content
• Managed web application firewall

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