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Managed Vulnerability Intelligence [watch]

Prioritize what is most critical.

Stay on top of vulnerabilities to patch them before attackers exploit them



80% of attacks originate from vulnerabilities. Yet, new vulnerabilities on hardware and on software components, which make the information systems of companies and operators vulnerable to software attacks, are being discovered every day. Facing growing cybercrime activities, security stakeholders are more and more overwhelmed by the flow of information from each of their suppliers.

Without knowing where vulnerabilities exist, organisations leave themselves open to multiple attack vectors and unable to prioritise resource or investment in the areas attackers would find the simplest to exploit.

Effective, false-positive free, vulnerability discovery is the first step that needs to be taken in any vulnerability management and patching program.

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Discover Managed Vulnerability Intelligence [watch]

Continuous visibility of vulnerabilities rapidly identifies attack targets.

Vulnerability Intelligence Watch is a vulnerability monitoring service which allows you to be informed about the vulnerabilities impacting your information systems in real-time and keeps you up to date on the patches to be applied.

Our experts discover your vulnerabilities and qualify them before to share with you a comprehensive bulletin describing the vulnerability, the impacts and the correction.

Our intelligence-led approach enable us to share with you additional context: Is there an exploit for this vulnerability?
Has this exploit been used into the wild? What are the impacts of this vulnerability? How to protect against the vulnerability waiting for the official corrective to be published?

Your teams are notified of vulnerability reports according to the frequency, format and level of urgency defined. This support allows you to focus your preventive and corrective actions on what is most important to implement.


Service features


you receive notifications via email and texts in the event of major campaigns.

Human Analysis

our experts check the sources for each vulnerability that concerns you. A vulnerability report is provided by our experts including impact analyses.

A unified portal

with other CERT-services (anti cyber crime, cyber surveillance, etc).

Other intelligence-driven solutions:

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline!