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Managed Threat Detection [endpoint]

Why endpoint detection and response?

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There is no such thing as 100% protection. Once you have accepted this fact it is time to implement a strategy on how to detect the threats you couldn’t prevent. The challenge with detection is that today’s threats are not using old malware that is easy to detect and remediate.

77% of successful attacks used file less malware that traditional security tools could not prevent. Since detection of file less malware and similar types of advanced attacks cannot be done with the help of static rules or signatures, you need the ability for behavior anomaly detections on the endpoint.

The Managed Threat Detection [Endpoint] service is a managed detection and response service (MDR) based on endpoint detection and response technology (EDR). By deploying low impact sensors on the endpoints, behavior data is collected, enriched, and correlated across all endpoints with the help of an AI hunting engine and a massive in-memory graph database. By doing up to 8 million correlations per second, the performance against other detection toolsets is unparalleled.


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Comprehensive endpoint visibility
Advanced analysis and hunting
Rapid response



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The security shift from beginning to the endpoint

This white paper looks at the need for effective monitoring of endpoints and the challenges involved in choosing, deploying and managing effective endpoint monitoring capability. It then considers how some of these can be addressed by outsourcing security to a managed services provider.


More than ever, the endpoint is a focal point for businesses around the world.

With the right visibility on the endpoint, the chances of picking up an attack are much higher. Without it, attackers can potentially compromise a network and go undetected for many months.

To enhance your detection and response capabilities quickly and to get visibility where it counts the most, Orange Cyberdefense presents Managed Threat Detection [Endpoint] – a managed detection and response service combining 24×7 security incident analysis and active threat response using best-in-class endpoint security software.

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