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Managed SOAR

Respond to constant and overwhelming pressure

Companies are increasingly affected by the level of the threat and its versatility

What the security teams are facing ?
  • Too many alerts causing a security fatigue
  • Too many products that have to be masterised to lead an investigation
  • Extensive manual tasks and repetitive actions
  • Attempts to address gaps leading to more complexity

Security teams are therefore asked for better Mean Time To Respond by their leadership, but it lacks resources to do so.

Thus, what is the priority ?

Companies aims to facilitate the processing and understanding of events and alerts, by using the right tools, while reducing the workload of security teams.

Accelerate your security operations with scalable and automated workflows

Managed SOAR platform is covering the complete customer journey to automation and orchestration providing integration services.

Security: Our platform helps you implement the various cybersecurity processes in line with your expectations.

Orchestration: Save money and time with the ability to manage or control other technologies through defined connectors.

Automation: With our SOAR platform develop scripted actions that will perform as defined in a playbook (logical wrappers for scripted actions to happen when certain conditions are met).

Response: We help you respond to incidents by offering a multitude of variations adapted to the nature of your need. We can offer you: case management, investigation, analysis, reporting, communication or collaboration.

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Benefits from an orchestrated and automated solution

The less you suffer...

Less alerts to proceed

Machine learning incidents aggregation, triggered playbooks

Less admin tasks

Unicity of tool for incident management, no need to manage various tools

Peace of mind of a MSSP

Orange Cyberdefense experts deliver ad hoc services

...the more you gain.

More agility

Easy to implement and modify process with ready integration playbooks, scale with demands

Faster response time

Automatic processing of known attacks, better notification to user and collaboration

Better service

Focus your team on important case, implement PKI, industrialize response, leverage threat intelligence

Why Orange Cyberdefense ?

Our unique assets and capabilities

International influence

2 700 experts worldwide and in a location near you

Use Case Factory

Profit from permanent updates and improvements in the Use Case Factory

Intelligence-led security

We invest heavily in R&D to detect and respond to the latest tactics, tech-niques and procedures

Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: European (MSSPs)

Ranked for Q3 of 2020

Our certified expertise

Palo Alto Cortex expertise certified elite, CPSP, ASC and Partner of the Year

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline!