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SASE Buyer's Guide

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In the post-digital economy, IT and networks have become integral components spanning the entirety of an organization. Executive boards, C-suite leaders and business owners must now lead the SASE agenda and strategy, influencing the operating model and technology investment decisions.

SASE isn't merely a product; it represents a profound shift in organizational thinking. In essence, it makes people the new perimeter. By merging networking and security, SASE provides secure access for all users, regardless of location, maximizing the potential of cloud-native ecosystems. It's not a “Set & Forget " approach. Instead, SASE requires ongoing vigilance, powered by ever-evolving threat intelligence.

This SASE Buyers Guide aims to assist organizations in evaluating their SASE readiness. By providing insights about your organization, through answering a few questions, the Buyers Guide offers direction on where to begin, outlines potential service and vendor strategies and provides the essential steps to initiate your SASE journey.

Guide-App disclaimer: Information you submit using this app will be stored and processed only for the purpose of providing your result, based on general best practices. Other factors that are out of scope might play a significant role in choosing the right approach for you and we highly recommend talking to our skilled consultants for an in-depth analysis of your requirements.

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