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Why we need do understand the underlying causes of the SolarWinds compromise and not ignore the signals

SolarWinds did not come out of the blue and should not be regarded as such. SolarWinds is the inevitable consequence of a powerful set of systemic factors that collectively produce a climate that is inherently volatile but can still be predicted.

So, what is the real cost of this incident? Who is the real victim?

In this session, Charl van der Walt, Head of Security Research and Nicolas Arpagian, Director of Strategy & Public Affairs, will explore the real causes and implications of this incident and why businesses, who don’t know if they have been impacted, should not ignore the signals and instead embrace a new way of thinking and approaching security.

Expert panel

Charl van der Walt- Head of Security Research

Nicolas Arpagian – Director of Strategy & Public Affairs

Missed it? Don’t worry, here is the recording of the webinar

Writer and journalist Geoff White discusses Solorigate with Charl van der Walt and Nicola Arpagia.

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