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Orange Cyberdefense Wednesday’s

 - Virtual event

Join us and Varonis for our Orange (Cyberdefense) Wednesdays, a 3-part webinar trilogy on a series of topics in cybersecurity; including data protection, data compliance and threat detection and response. Orange Cyberdefense and Varonis experts will walk you through the common challenges we see in the field and how you can get the visibility and control you need to keep your data secure and compliant.

Webinar #1 – Raiders of the Lost Data 9th March 2022, 11am

Our first webinar will focus on threat detection and response.
Discover why many organisations are unclear whether they are successfully identifying breaches and incidents. 24×7 expertise is required placing a higher demand on people and processes, the threats are only advancing and so must your organisation’s capabilities to eliminate the future potential of a compromise.

Watch replay here

Webinar #2 – Orange Cyberdefense and the Filer of Doom 16th March 2022, 11am

The second part of our Orange (Cyberdefense) trilogy will focus on data protection.

Many organisations struggle with understanding the risk associated with one of their largest and most valuable assets – their data. How do you identify the areas of potential exposure, what’s sensitive and who has access to this data? Now more than ever, with cybercrime on the rise and ‘remote working’ now just ‘work’, has data protection never been more important.

Watch replay here

Webinar #3 – Orange Cyberdefense and the Kingdom of the Unclassified Data 23rd March 2022, 11am

Join us for our final instalment of Orange (Cyberdefense) Wednesdays trilogy, where we will be delving into the kingdom of unclassified data and addressing the on-going measurement and management of data compliance.

Watch replay here

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