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Posture Management: Setting the Bar for Security in Multi-Cloud

Register for our joint strategic partner webinar with Palo Alto Networks and AWS

Embark on an exciting journey with Orange Cyberdefense, in collaboration with our strategic partners Palo Alto Networks and AWS, for a dynamic webinar with industry experts.

This webinar aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate nature of cloud environments and the rapidly evolving threat landscape that comes with it, focusing on posture management in multi-cloud security approach and exploring the key topics below. 

  • The challenge of changing compliance, regulation and visibility – and how to harness this as a means to position security as critical for enterprise risk management
  • Why the people, process and technology triad is EVEN MORE essential for cloud security than usual
  • Recommending a holistic approach to successfully leveraging CSPM in practice - securely enabling the multi-cloud approach your company seeks to innovate and differentiate



Tom Fonteyn 
Product Manager, Global Service Lines team at
Orange Cyberdefense

Milan Krstic
Channel Solutions Architect - Prisma Cloud
Palo Alto Networks

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