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Orange Cyberdefense World 2020 Virtual Event


World 2020: Virtual Event

Tuesday, 24th November

Join us to build a safer digital society

What happens when a business undergoes an unpredictable transformation in just a few weeks?

As organizations globally have now embraced a 100% remote workforce and customer base, the traditional way we conduct business may be forever changed.

Join our half-day, virtual event to gain insight from our subject matter experts and researchers on the systemic factors that are driving the advances in cybersecurity. How has your ability to detect, protect and respond been impacted in this new context? Hear first hand our lesson’s from the trenches.

Discover interactive, thought leadership talks and intelligence-based key findings and enjoy a streamlined program of topics built to pinpoint the top critical issues you should consider to stay ahead of the weather.

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Who should attend and why?

  1. You are a CISO, CTO, IT Director or security professional and eager to find out how to protect your business, manage detection of lingering threats and respond to attacks
  2. Get first hand insights into current and emerging threats when we present research and intelligence-based key findings
  3. Experience a half-day of highly interactive and immersive live online sessions, led by leading experts in the cybersecurity industry
  4. Live Q&A to pose your most urgent questions and have these addressed live by several speakers at once
  5. Connect with your peers in the international cybersecurity community, as well as with our experts
  6. The program topics are pinpointed to your top critical issues and challenges
  1. Attending our sessions will count for your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits  during their three-year (ISC)2 certification cycle. 1 hour = 1 credit. Here is the (ISC)2 handbook.

Are you not able to join? Don’t worry! The content will be long-term available. Sign-up anyways, to gain access to the recorded sessions and the presentations right after the event.

Due to limited capacity, registrations from technology vendors, competitors or non-IT professionals will be rejected.

What to expect on the day

Threat landscape & strategic vision

Our take on the state of the threat, geopolitics and lessons from the offensive side

CISO priorities on demand

Our view on critical issues to help you to make the right security decisions

Live networking & consulting

Mingle with your peers and industry experts and consult the experts at the virtual booths

Climate change in cybersecurity

What happens when business transformation takes place in a matter of weeks?

At Orange Cyberdefense, we believe that the threat landscape in any region or industry emerges through the relationship between three primary systems – structural forces, inflationary forces and the evolution of technology. When these massive forces, that shape the threat landscape shift, then the impact can be enormous.

During the first half of 2020 such a systemic shift occurred with the advent of a global crisis, initiating the rapid adoption of new digital practices for work and commerce. As a result of this unprecedented event, a process of business transformation, that would normally have taken years, was started and completed in a matter of weeks.

The ‘systemic’ factors that need to be considered, are deeply woven into the fabric or societies and economies and therefore far beyond the means of a single corporation to counter directly. Think of it in terms of ‘weather’ and ‘climate’. You can counter the effects of the weather by staying indoors, dressing warmly or carrying an umbrella, but you can’t counter climate change and global warming in the same way.

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Take a deep dive into the agenda

At what time? What are we talking about? What's the viewpoint?
On demand CISO priorities: Addressing the top critical challenges to better plan the weather forecast Solution
10:00 CET Keynote: Climate change in cybersecurity Threat
11:00 CET Country strategic vision and future forecast Strategic
11:30 CET The unconquerable spirit of finding a new way of life - Karina Hollekim Motivational

The opening keynote panel

Enjoy a thought-provoking, interactive discussion with preeminent members of our organization, moderated by regarded cyber-crime journalist, Geoff White. We will examine the threat, tech and geopolitical trends that are shaping the current cybersecurity landscape and affecting board’s decisions.

No one today is immune from a cyber-attack. Our ability to operate, work and recover from an attack determines our level of resilience. We will share the lessons we have learned from this climate change and our viewpoint on the key issues we need to prioritise to build a safer digital society.

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Who makes up this expert panel?

Nicolas Arpagian

VP Strategy & Public Affairs

Charl van der Walt

Head of Security Research Centre

Etienne Greeff

Group CTO

Dominic White

Head of SensePost, an ethical Hacking Team of Orange Cyberdefense

Robinson Delaugerre

Head of Computer Security Incident Response Team

CISO priorities - On demand

Addressing the top critical challenges to better plan the weather forecast
Helping you demystify Managed Detection and Response
Embedding cloud security into digital transformation
How to manage identity in a multi-cloud journey
Climate vs weather signals: The path to intelligence-led security
Security awareness to better forecast
How to decrease the attack surface in industrial networks (OT/ICS)
Hacking perspective - How has the new context changed for the bad guys?
SASE - Simplifying your network security architecture for the future
Red team in action in the CyberSoc
Business continuity plan to recover from the storm

Karina Hollekim: Inspirational story

Free skier and BASE jumper

What makes the difference between the ones who succeed and those who fail? Why does some choose to quit while others come back even stronger when facing adversity?

Karina Hollekim was one of the worlds best extreme sports athletes. In 2006 she miraculously cheated death in a near fatal accident and was predicted a life in wheelchair but came back a winner. Karina shares her story about those moments that change our lives forever, about raw willpower and passion. She inspires us to be targeted, Karina is a living proof of the importance of little changes and how they make a difference in the long run. By raising awareness of our choices she challenges our willingness to change. She shows the importance of stretching your comfort zone to achieve your goals. Karinas incredible journey, her gripping story about struggle and resilience together with her indomitable spirit makes a story to remember.

Karina will share her story about choosing her own path and exploring it – no matter if the exploration is from the tops of mountains, or simply within herself. Her incredible journey will dare attendees to dream again – and inspire them to go out and chase those dreams.

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