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Orange Cyberbites

Orange CyberBites, a series of 45-minute lunchtime webinars hosted by Orange Cyberdefense. In this series, we covered a range of topics relevant to the public sector industry and focused on key cyber security challenges face including data security, cyber resiliance, and operational security.

Lock in your spot for our upcoming webinar on November 7, 2023, from 12:00 to 12:45 BST!

And if you've missed out on our previous three, catch them all on-demand below!


Cyberbites #4: The Fundamentals Improves Operational Security

7th November | 12:00 - 12:45 BST

Public Sector organisations are challenged with limited human and technical resources to achieve their objectives around protecting the sensitive data they process.

This talk will look at the fundamental principles of good data protection and security, and how we can improve our operational security to get more value from M365 with a limited team.

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Cyberbites #1: How to Guarantee Cyber Resilience & Recovery in the NHS

The global cyber threat landscape has reached an unprecedented level. In today's digital age, the crown jewels of any organisation is its data.

Join us to hear why 70+ NHS trusts have partnered with Rubrik to guarantee rapid recovery of data and clinical systems in the event of a cyber attack as they lead the fight against ransomware.

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Cyberbites #2: Securing the Modern Police Network

Cybercriminals take advantage of every tool and lever available in order to gain access to data and systems.

The motivations may differ, ranging from espionage to extortion, but the attack methodology remains largely the same. In this session discover how both emerging best practices (as well as some often neglected security fundamentals).

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Cyberbites #3: Optimizing Security Data & SOC with Data Pipelines

In today's interconnected digital landscape, organisations face an ever-increasing flood of noisy, high volume security data means the difference between detecting a breach and missing a critical alert.

Watch this on-demand with Orange Cyberdefense and Cribl to learn how data pipelines are helping security teams get the right data, in the right formats, to the right places so that no issues are missed and your security tools are fully optimised.

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