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90% of domestic accidents happen at home ;-)


At a time when more people are connecting and working remotely from free or home wifi networks, it is essential that the primary technology we use to facilitate this securely – typically enterprise secure remote access products – should offer security how and when we expect. We believe the time has come to (re)consider the security implications of remote work, and take account of any compromises we may have had to make to simply “stay online”.

This argument was recently presented by members of the Orange Cyberdefense Security Research Center at RSA Conference 2021 and just published in our latest solution-focused whitepaper Securing your remote workers.

Join the panel discussion with researchers Charl van der Walt and Wicus Ross, together with CTO Gilles van Heijst, to learn about the role secure remote access or virtual private network (VPN) technologies play in mitigating potential threats that may arise because our users are connected from home and how to ensure the security of the remote workforce in the light of insecure home network router.

29th June 2021 at 12:30 pm CEST


Geoff White, Investigative cybercrime journalist


Charl van der Walt, Head of our Security Research Centre

Wicus Ross, Senior Security Researcher

Gilles van Heijst, CTO

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