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Advanced footprinting

Before attacking, hackers survey their targets for weaknesses. There’s a wealth of information about your business online and criminals will seek to exploit it. This can include everything from gathering employee names, email addresses and social media personas, to WHOIS domain lookups and Google hacking.

We call this process ‘footprinting’ – and it can be turned to your advantage. Using the same mindset, methods and tools as would-be attackers, SensePost‘s experts can build a complete picture of your attack surface. With a full list of the networks, infrastructure and applications associated with your business, as well as the hard-to-find details that opportunistic hackers typically target, it’s possible to strengthen your security posture proactively before an attacker strikes.

Key Benefits

  • Greater insight: Uncover your true Internet footprint so you know exactly what information attackers can access and exploit.

  • Better preparation: Proactively plan your defences so attackers don’t catch you on the back foot.

  • See the cybercriminal’s perspective: Visibility of your entire online attack surface as an attacker would view it.

  • Reduce risk: Minimising or avoiding cyberattacks will reduce system breaches, IT downtime and financial loss.

  • Protect your brand: Insight into your public profile will help to protect your online brand and prevent brand misuse.


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