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Managed Secure Access

Secure your users' access to data and applications

MSA cloud schema

In a post-pandemic world, people are the new perimeter. This modern business environment demands users to securely access resources (data, applications) from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Businesses are looking for means to securely adopt new technologies and modern ways of working without compromising security, visibility, and end user experience.
However, putting more point solutions is increasing complexity, driving operational costs up, and hindering the expected agility to respond to the evolving business needs in order to be successful.

With Managed Secure Access, focus on your business while we secure your users, data and applications with speed and security - without compromise..


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Managed Secure Access: a single solution to secure all types of access

MSA schema overview

Benefit from seamless, flexible security by building your own experience and adapting to new threats

De-risk your business transformation projects and increase agility to grow


Achieve better governance, risk management and enhanced visibility

Maintain a secure posture by aligning security controls with your business requirements

Re-focus on users and what is important for your business

Our unique assets and capabilities

Intelligence-led approach

Effectively safeguards your business against confirmed high-risk threats

Outcome-based Service

Focus on the specific outcomes that matter to your business, ensuring that you are prepared for future technological advancements

Global footprint with local presence

Our commitment to customers ensures that our local teams work closely with you throughout your security journey, providing localized support and global expertise

Leading MSSP

Benefit from a major MSSP experience and expertise in the security domain to maximize your return on investment

Take your first step toward SASE

SASE schema overview

A flexible journey adapted to where you are and where you want to be

Orange Cyberdefense is here to help you achieve a seamless and secure transition to a SASE architecture while reducing complexity and optimizing the user experience with our different levels:

1. Define your journey with our Consulting Services

2. Start specific using Managed SSE

3. Evolve to full SASE combining Managed SSE and Managed SD-WAN

4. Adopt one single platform with Managed SASE

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