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Managed DDoS Protection

Ensuring reliable online services

Any organization relying on its online presence or public-facing infrastructure must defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which can interrupt business-critical services and act as a smokescreen for other cyber attacks.

Protect your company’s activity

Ensure that your resources remain available to your customers, partners and employees

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Protect your brand image

By avoiding the buzz that follows an attack

Focus on your business

Stay calm in the face of attacks and benefit from a trusted partner’s expertise for your protection

Managed DDoS Protection, a complete solution to protect businesses from all types of DDoS attacks

Several techniques are used by cybercriminals to saturate corporate applications, servers, and/or internet bandwidth.

Managed DDoS Protection offers an end-to-end service, from the definition of the defense strategy adapted to your business context, to the remediation.

It is made up of complementary solutions managed by our CyberSOC experts, to protect your web sites and applications, your bandwidth and data centers.


Real time adaptation to the attack and short lead times for analysis and remediation (between 0 & 30 mins)

Peace of mind

Protection of your activity and image, no disruption


Of your resources and Internet access, of your employees who work undisturbed, of our teams 24/7


Thanks to trained experts, safe and secure industrial processes, and continuous communication with you

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