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Managed intrusion detection and prevention

Managed IDS/IPS

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) can protect against today’s most dynamic and sophisticated threats, but the technology alone isn’t enough – it must be tailored to the business environment, closely monitored and rigorously updated. Our Managed IPS service solves these challenges, expertly configuring appliances to better defend critical assets, maintain availability and ensure compliance.

Key benefits

  • Reduce risk: Expert IDS/IPS configuration, management and monitoring with immediate response to any issues lowers the risk of business disruption.

  • Protect your brand: Continuous proactive IDS/IPS monitoring helps safeguard your business against attacks – protecting revenues, customer loyalty and brand reputation.

  • Focus on your business: By entrusting security to experts with over 25 years’ experience, your overstretched technical staff can focus on your core business.

  • Access to scarce expertise: Our engineers are security-cleared and have the highest industry accreditations; their single-minded focus will keep your business secure.

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