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Managed firewall

A next generation firewall to protect your business

Secure the information system

Detect and block suspicious or dangerous activities

Control internet usage

Control the rights and internet activity of users

Maintain your activity

By preserving your data, applications and internet access

An all-in-one solution to secure the business

Next generation firewalls consolidate many powerful security capabilities, but this also exacerbates their need for expert management, monitoring and configuration. Our service provides access to essential Firewall expertise, with around-the-clock support that strengthens security, makes the most of market-leading technologies and frees staff to prioritise other business goals.

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Key benefits

Focus on your business

Entrust firewall management to experts with over 25 years’ experience

Comprehensive service

24x7x365 configuration, management and monitoring with an immediate response to any issues

Protect your investment

Continuous, proactive monitoring helps safeguard business-critical assets

Access to scarce expertise

Our engineers are certified to the highest levels in the installation, configuration and ongoing management of Check Point, Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet

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