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Many fundamental security realities are not really changed by the pandemic. However, some critical challenges, particularly those concerning our own ability to monitor and respond to threats and vulnerabilities, have become considerably more difficult. On the other hand, we should note that the attacker is also human and that attacker behaviour may also shift due to the impact of the virus, perhaps even reducing the level of threat at this time. How do we assess how our current level of threat is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Not long after the release of our paper, security journalist and author Geoff White published an article titled “Is there a coronavirus boom in cybercrime”, in which he poses three key questions: “is more spam email being sent? Are more virus infections occurring? Are the cyber-criminals making more money?”.
In this webinar we want to engage with Geoff about his article, as well as, Dominic White, the head of our computer hacking division – SensePost, and Robinson Delaugerre, our Head of CSIRT – to examine the question of whether and how the COVID-19 has really changed the landscape for attackers and defenders.

You will enjoy a structured conversation to examine the following questions:

  1. How does the pandemic specifically increase security risks for businesses?
  2. Is the attacker really immune to the crisis, or does the ‘blackhat’ also have a conscience, or get depressed sometimes?
  3. If there are going to be attacks, how are they likely to look in the near future, and how does the crisis impact that?
  4. What is the net effect? Are attacks and compromises up or is it really just business as usual?View the recording on demand

Who makes up this expert panel?

Head of Security Research – Charl van der Walt

Technical thought leader, spokesman and figurehead for Orange Cyberdefense world-wide, leading and managing the OCD Security Research Center – a specialist security research unit. We identify, track, analyze, communicate and act upon significant developments in the security landscape.

Freelance cyber-crime journalist – Geoff White

A British investigative journalist who has covered technology for BBC News, Channel 4 News, The Sunday Times and many others. His exclusives reveal tech’s impact on our lives: the controversial police use of facial recognition; the failure of artificial intelligence therapy apps; hi-tech call center scams that have cost victims their lives’ savings; and fraud in the internet dating industry.
Crime Dot Com is his book on cybercrime, will be published on August and you can pre-order your copy today! @geoffwhite247

CEO at SensePost – Part of Orange Cyberdefense – Dominic White

A two-decade old penetration testing outfit that is part of Orange Cyberdefense. He has been working in cyber security for 15 years and is well recognised for his public contributions both in the media as well as technical research. Dominic is a frequent speaker at cyber security events, having spoken numerous times at conferences such as Defcon or BlackHat. @singe

Investigations Manager – CSIRT at Orange Cyberdefense France – Robinson Delaugerre

After 5 years of international experience in digital investigation and incident response in PCI-DSS, cybercrime and state attack contexts, Robinson has been heading up the CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), who are trained to respond to security incidents and protect their customers’ digital assets. If this investigative profession requires technique, intuition is essential to understand the attacker and remedy the attacks.

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