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Cybersec Europe | April 19 & 20, Brussels Expo

Moving Mountains

Cybersec Europe took place on April 19 & 20 at Brussels Expo. Cybersec Europe is the exhibition for all cybersecurity experts who want to increase their cyber resilience.

Cyber threats are on the rise and become more sophisticated each year. To keep your business running, you must monitor the threat landscape and your network around the clock. Today, you need real-time threat intelligence and cyber crisis response capabilities to anticipate and react to cyber threats. This requires the right people, processes, and technology. That is easier said than done. Alone you can walk up a hill, but together, we can move mountains!

This was on the program:

  • In-depth conversations with our cybersecurity experts
  • Exchange of ideas with peers while enjoying a drink
  • Learning from technological demos 
  • Getting insights from our keynote speaker in the theaters on
    • OT security 
    • Cyber crisis management 

Meet our keynote speakers

Crisis management: prepare to face the inevitable.

A cyber crisis creates high levels of uncertainty across the organization, disrupting critical operations, financial revenue, and potentially closing the business altogether. Organizations spend approximately €3.4 million responding to cyber-attacks. This includes costs associated with lost business, legal fees, and breach notification.

How to be ready to respond and get back to business after a cybercrisis? 

During this session, our experts showed how to address a cyber crisis across all stages:

  • Before the crisis: discover how preparation is the key to victory
  • During the crisis: Respond efficiently in line with defined plans
  • After the crisis: Restore and prepare for the next crisis
Steven De Munter, Incident Lead Manager & Arnaud Lautier, Crisis Management Consultant
Filip Lauwereys, Solution Architect OT

It's all T

The new OT security plan: how to protect your investments in the industrial environment

During this theater session on OT security, our specialist Filip Lauwereys shared a step-by-step approach to protect your investments in the industrial environment. He explained how to:

  • Create an inventory of all connected devices
  • Identify and assess the risks associated with each device
  • Observe the behavior and communication patterns of every device
  • Automatically respond to potential cyber-attacks

Tanks process hacking demo

Imagine you’re an organization that relies on a tank system. All of a sudden, a demand for ransomware pops up. An attacker has used a cryptolocker to physically impact your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), disrupting your processes. What to do? Or even better: how to prevent this OT attack?

During this demo, we will showcased our solution to prevent this type of attack.

Meet your bartenders

Katrien, Katiba, Gaëlle, and Amira


As always, the Orange Cyberdefense marketing team was there to welcome you! We hope to see you again next year!

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