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VITO selects Orange Cyberdefense as one of the preferred partners for network and security.

"Orange Cyberdefense has been selected by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) as one of the preferred partners in the framework agreement 'VITO ICT Infra 2023', specifically within the 'Network & Security' lot. Thanks to this recognition, Flemish public bodies and government-subsidized institutions, such as hospitals and universities, can now leverage Orange Cyberdefense's network and security solutions.

In today's landscape, almost every organization and sector is targeted by cybercriminals. Now more than ever, public authorities and institutions in health and education must protect themselves against the consequences of a cyber attack. However, for many of these entities, cybersecurity poses a significant challenge.

VITO plays the role of a central purchasing body, ensuring that interested parties can immediately benefit from the best providers and services in the market at advantageous rates and without extensive paperwork. Being part of the select group of partners that VITO has chosen to assist interested players with their networks and security is a significant recognition for Orange Cyberdefense.

Potential customers of the framework agreement 'VITO ICT Infra 2023' include various administrations and cabinets within the Flemish Parliament and the Flemish government. Provincial governments, local authorities, schools, colleges, universities, and research centers can also access Orange Cyberdefense's solutions with the help of VITO.

Filip Verstockt, General Manager of Orange Cyberdefense Belgium, commented, "It is an honor for Orange Cyberdefense to be part of the high-quality group of network and security partners selected by VITO. Our added value lies not only in the knowledge of our extensive local team or the technology we provide but also in the Zero Trust philosophy we implement with our customers. The threat landscape is so complex that there is a need for an end-to-end consistent network and cybersecurity philosophy woven into an organization's entire architecture. We now aim to convey this vision to Flemish public authorities to contribute to a safer digital society."

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