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Working green energy

Secure your power flow

A transforming sector with strong needs

The recent digitalization that is taking place within the energy sector, although very positive, strongly increases the attack surface of infrastructures. Therefore, they become difficult to protect due to their design, maintenance, and investment cycles.

By implication, this makes them perfect targets for cyber sabotage which could have consequences not only for your business but also for your customers. Therefore, setting up an effective cybersecurity plan, considering the regulations of the sector is mandatory.

Energy and power falls into the "Utilities" category, which represents only about 1% of the Cyber Extortion (Cy-X) victims in our observation. The number of victims has grown by 3%, which is not much considering the number of victims over all increased by 46%.

New challenges

Ensuring service continuity

Maintaining the level of continuity of the services offered

Protecting industrial systems

Preserve their integrity against sabotage operations that can destroy network components

Regulatory compliance

Meet country standards and regulations such as GDPR and NIS

Protect your industrial systems

A complete protection of your OT equipment

With proper security mechanisms implemented for your energy infrastructures, you can increase your competitive edge and benefit from the efficiencies when interconnecting environments.

However, the consequences of a cyber attack on your installations can be critical. That is why we support you by offering solutions that focus on both machine security and human security. Effective OT security protects business-critical processes, systems and people, and reduces security vulnerabilities and incidents.

Why Orange Cyberdefense?

A hybrid team of IT and OT experts

Transportation, building, energy and automation specialists, industrial systems integrators and machine builders, cybersecurity experts

Threat Intelligence DNA

Our cybersecurity experts, researchers and analysts monitor the latest threats and vulnerabilities, allowing you to stay ahead of threats and focus efforts where it matters

Industrial Security Demo Center

A place dedicated for our customers to test and validate their security solutions in a simulated environment, to raise awareness of cyber attacks and to train both OT and IT staff

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.