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Aruba Networks is a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Aruba delivers IT solutions that empower organizations to serve GenMobile — mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives. 

Aruba’s mobile-first approach addresses the fundamental changes in today’s business environment and powers the Intelligent Edge — the move towards the digital workplace and the explosion of big data. Mobile First is a design approach that architects technologies for the mobile workforce, mobile consumer, and the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The intelligent edge requires technology that :

  • make the LAN and the WAN come together in one architecture.
  • offer secure, pervasive, and high performing connectivity.
  • is tightly integrated through APIs and programmability to allow for change and enable speed and agility. 
  • Collect and analyze data and integrate the insights from the data to provide people and businesses with personalization and context while automating tasks where possible. 

Aruba’s intelligent edge solutions are designed to enable and capitalize on new digital experiences at the convergence of people, apps, and things—harnessing the full potential of mobility and IoT for business, customers and employees. 

Aruba Networks portfolio

Aruba’s technology solutions provide the following possibilities: 

Identify and profile all devices on wired and wireless LAN environments

Organizations must be able to automatically identify endpoint types and attributes of IoT and traditional smart devices across a multi-vendor wired and wireless access network. 

Connect mobile and IoT devices with automated intelligence

Device density demands and the move to smart buildings mean that today’s businesses need a smarter wired and wireless infrastructure. Aruba’s wireless products provide the fastest data speeds to boost network performance in high-density environments with the intelligence to provide seamless roaming and app prioritization. That means that business-critical traffic is prioritized, and users enjoy a seamless experience. 

The wired infrastructure provides the power, intelligence, and automation for business networks dependent on mobility, cloud, and IoT. Aruba’s modern, programmable switches in combination with Aruba’s Network management and security solutions provide for an end-to-end campus architecture that’s secure and easy to operate. 

At the access layer, Aruba switches power and secure the intelligent edge enabling unified role-based access across wireless and wired networks with the ability to identify and assign roles to connected IoT devices in order to prioritize business-critical applications while securing the network. Aruba’s switches are capable of leveraging user- and port-based traffic tunneling (tunneled node) to a Mobility Controller so that policies can be applied, advanced services can be extended, and traffic can be encrypted to secure the LAN. 

Protect the network

Aruba Networks, in close cooperation with security vendors such as Palo Alto Networks, can create a comprehensive, multi-vendor system that features machine learning-based analytics to not only detect attacks that have evaded traditional security systems but also enable security teams to respond and/or to automate the responses to these attacks before they do damage. This secure fabric has three key objectives.

  • Provide the most secure networking infrastructure to enable the networking & security teams to protect the myriad of users, devices and access methods that characterize today’s IT environment and reduce the attack surface.
  • If an attack does penetrate the network, find it and notify the security team well before it does damage through advanced attack detection.
  • Once an attack is identified, empower the security and networking teams to work together to remediate that attack as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Deliver insights about network performance and behavior

Today’s networks need to go beyond providing basic connectivity, but also need to deliver insights about network performance and user behavior with sophisticated analytics in order to allow IT to predict issues before they occur. 

Orange Cyberdefense and Aruba Networks

Orange Cyberdefense has the Aruba Platinum Partner status. We implement and support the following Aruba technology solutions:

  • Aruba’s Enterprise LAN and WLAN solutions: Aruba provides high-performance connectivity, AI-powered mobility, and 24/7 resiliency for today’s enterprise networks. 
  • Aruba SD-WAN/SD-Branch solutions: Aruba’s Software Defined Branch solution brings together SD-WAN with WLAN, LAN, and security under a single, software-defined framework for policy and segmentation. This simplifies IT operations because the entire branch network can be managed from Aruba Central cloud solution.
  • Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM): Clearpass helps customers see what’s on their network and then enforces role-based policies and automated workflows across multi-vendor wired and wireless infrastructures. 
  • Aruba Clearpass Device Insight: Aruba ClearPass Device Insight is a cloud application that enables organizations to discover, monitor, and automatically classify new and existing devices in real-time that connect to a network. Identified devices can include loT devices, medical devices, printers, smart devices, laptops, VoIP phones, computers, gaming consoles, routers, servers, and switches.

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