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SASE: Secure Access Service Edge

Reframe your SASE ambition to SASE 2.0

How to adopt a risk-based, enterprise-wide approach to SASE value realization.

In the post-digital economy, digital IT and Networks are recognised as critically pervasive across your entire organization, and so should your cyber security posture.This is not just because regulation compliance demands it but because all aspects of the modern data-driven, business enterprise depend on it.

The market reality today, where ‘people are the new perimeter’, indicates that historical cyber security ‘modus operandi’ is no longer sufficient.This is due to the growth of cloud-native solutions & SaaS adoption, an unrelenting explosion in enterprise data, a boundaryless digital work environment and an increasingly complex, AI-augmented threat landscape.

SASE is an organisational mindset shift that enables people to be your new perimeter, it is not a product. SASE unites networking and network security, offering secure access to all users from everywhere, to maximize the value and utility of cloud-native ecosystems. It is not simply a solution that companies can install and forget about.

It is a discipline that needs continuous monitoring, detection, and response driven by constantly evolving threat intelligence.

SASE : a key strategic business enabler

A new architecture means new challenges


Getting in the way of user experience


Hindering governance, compliance and risk management


Slowing down innovation


Resources, pressuring costs

No matter where you currently stand on your SASE journey, we can support you

Realize technical benefits


  • IncreaseIT maturity with consolidated network and security
  • Evolve from security on top to withinenhanced with a multi-layered security approach
  • Improve speed and quality of service of traffic flow, visibility of  identity, infrastructure  and applications


  • Address zero-trust architecture in practice with a simplified tech architecture with a consistent policy for users, wherever they are, whatever the device
  • Consolidate operations, vendors and tech reducing lifecycle management overheads and security gaps
  • Address legacy VPN allowing for greater performance, quantification of the user experience and reduction of shadow IT

Conquer business challenges

  • From complexity to making it easier for people to work and do business with you
  • From fragmentation, to more coherent management of risks
  • From inflexibility to more agility to grow, innovate and transform
  • And from cost pressures to optimization – which CISOs are more and more asked to do




Try out our SASE Buyer's Guide

Do-it-Yourself or Managed Security Service ?

Take advantage of multiple benefits:

- Master integration of the “network element

- De-risk your project with no tie-in to a specific vendor that may become obsolete

- Enriched with our threatintelligence, protecting against emerging threats

- Plug people and process experience gaps and silos

- Ongoing support via monthly security governance meetings, quarterly policy reviews and annual compliance audit

Our unique assets and capabilities

Intelligence-led approach

Powered by our Threat Intelligence and CyberSOC.

Joined network and security expertise

With Orange Cyberdefense Belgium,leader in networks: SD-WAN to complement SASE  but also LAN & WLAN.

Best-of-breed SASE solutions

Partnership with key vendors specialist in SASE solutions.

End-to-end approach

We can design, operate and monitor your SASE model end-to-end.

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.