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Synthesize your security: transforming noise into insight
Synthesize your security: transforming noise into insight

Orange Cyberdefense live 2024! 
Date: Tuesday, November 19th  // Location: Brussels 

Join us

Save the date for Orange Cyberdefense live 2024!

Join us for an event that will help you synthesize your cybersecurity strategy, filter out the noise, and reveal the true threats.  

Register as an early bird to seize your chance to win one of 5 Next-Level Bone Conduction Sport Headphones by Shokz, designed to keep you aware and safe. Shokz’s open-ear design allows you to hear music and traffic simultaneously. Whether you're working at home, running on the streets, or biking in the mountains, "OpenRun" provides a high-quality hearing experience without compromising safety. 

What to expect? 

  • Engaging keynotes: learn from industry leaders about the latest trends and best practices in cybersecurity. 

  • Insightful customer cases: discover how to fine-tune your threat intelligence to detect anomalies and enhance your cyber defenses. 

  • Breakout sessions: participate in interactive sessions tailored to your specific interests and needs. 

  • Technological demos: experience cutting-edge technology in action. 

  • Networking opportunities: connect with peers, experts, and industry leaders. 

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