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Extreme networks

Why Extreme Networks 

Extreme Networks, the autonomous Enterprise!

For some years, Extreme has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology, driven by a vision of making it simpler and faster as well as more agile and secure. Extreme has defined all necessary building blocks that allow you to tailor your network to your specific business environment, goals, and objectives. They enable the creation of an Autonomous Network that delivers positive experiences and business outcomes most important to your organization.

Combining architecture, switching, wireless, NAC, automation, insights and artificial intelligence, Extreme Elements enables you to ensure that your users get what they need, when, and where they need it. And providing these superior user experiences is as simple as mixing and matching the right elements.

Extreme Networks: fields of expertise

Network Fabric – The Foundation for the Digital Business

Organizations undergoing digital transformation require a more flexible and easy to implement network infrastructure to ensure business agility and to deliver a competitive advantage. Network Fabric solutions meet a broad range of different customer requirements, Extreme Networks offers best in class solutions to transform both Data Center and Campus networks.

Extreme Fabric Connect takes the complexity out networking. Delivering a comprehensive array of network services, including Layer 2 and Layer 3 virtualization with optimized routing and IP multicast support, it allows customers to phase out multiple complex legacy technologies gradually and enables all services through a single, next-generation technology.

The Extreme Automated Campus combines field-proven, innovative fabric technology with fully integrated management, policy and analytics software to deliver three things for the enterprise: Simplicity, Security and Intelligence

Automating at your own pace

Networks are complex, and between connecting to high-powered data centers, spinning up a cloud deployment and ensuring constant connectivity – all while keeping costs down – networking teams are feeling the pressure. By implementing automation tools and practices, networks can better withstand modern workloads, provide a new level agility and speed, and cut costs. It makes the network more dynamicreduces errors and Enable deeper Network Analysis 

Enable the Autonomous Enterprise – ML/AI Assisted Networking

The amount of data traversing over networks is so astronomical that it has become impossible for humans to process, analyze and act on it. Help your organization by utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to harness the data and process it faster, smarter and more efficiently. As we embark on the Autonomous Enterprise era, ML/AI solutions can automate operations, enhance security and enrich the user experience.

Control users and devices across your networks with granular visibility and in-depth control.

With most data breaches starting at end-points, there is a real need for granular control over users and IoT devices and consistent policies across the entire network into multi-cloud.

ExtremeControl securely enables BYOD and IoT to protect your network against external threats. Centrally managed and define granular policies so compliance obligations can be met, locate, authenticate and apply targeted policies to users and devices. Extreme access control solution gives you centralized in-depth visibility and control over all end-points across wired and wireless networks through one simple, flexible and easy to consume dashboard.

With the continued influx of connected devices, organizations are looking for ways to gain better visibility of connected devices, to control their access to the network and to apply security to IoT devices that lack embedded security features. Ongoing monitoring of IoT devices is needed so that anomalous behavior can be detected and remediated quickly and efficiently.

Keep your network secure with application visibility.

Keep the network secure through granular visibility and analytics into the applications and network from the edge to the data center. Application telemetry on ExtremeSwitching and ExtremeWireless allows you to analyze application flows from every part of the network without requiring dedicated probes.

Understand what applications are running on your network, who is using them and the response time is for each application.

Extreme Networks Security Solutions – Smart, comprehensive security without complexity

The frequency and sophistication of malicious, cybersecurity attacks only continue to increase. Help protect your organization by taking a multi-layered approach to network security.

Extreme Networks Security solutions can help you bolster your network security, from the edge, to the core, to the data center, to the cloud.

  • Role-based Policy,
  • Simple IoT security,
  • Segment your network, 
  • Ensure wireless security and compliance,
  • Gain greater visibility,
  • Automate network compliance,
  • Create a security eco-system,
  • Bolster Cloud Security.

Extreme Networks – Orange Cyberdefense partnership

Orange Cyberdefense has the Extreme Black Diamond status.  


Campus Fabric Switching & Routing or Campus EXOS Switching 

  •  Routing   
  • ExtremeWireless Cloud or ExtremeWireless Core                   
  • Management Center                                                                       
  • Extreme Control                                                                               

Which results in master certifications: 

  • Campus Master Specialization,
  • Edge Master Specialization.

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