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Why Nutanix ?

Together with Nutanix, Orange Cyberdefense delivers enterprise cloud infrastructure for next-generation computing by natively converging compute, storage and virtualization into a turnkey hyper-converged solution. The world’s most advanced enterprise datacenters rely on Nutanix’ web-scale technology to power their mission-critical workloads at any scale.

Run your apps and workloads in whichever cloud makes sense—private, public, or edge!

Nowadays, IT is asked to do more, in a shorter amount of time and at lower costs. That requires new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and IT services while driving down Total Cost of Ownership.

As an answer, IT needs next-generation datacenter infrastructure that delivers cloud-like economics and agility, but with the security and reliability of on-premise solutions.

Nutanix’ converged storage and virtualization stack removes the overdose of legacy standalone hypervisors and makes virtualization invisible.

The built-in Acropolis Hypervisor is created to run on an intelligent, VM-centric storage layer. It delivers stable and secure computing services.

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Your enterprise will benefit by:

  • Lower costs: 40-60% reduction in overall CapEx and OpEx
  • Limitless Scalability: scale infrastructure predictably with no limits
  • Fastest Time-to-Value: 8x faster time to value in buying, deploying, and managing
  • Smallest footprint: up to 90% reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor
  • Time for IT Innovation: free IT resources to focus on important business initiatives and true innovation

The Nutanix Journey 

Step 1 : Datacenter Modernization (Core)

Core includes the foundational Nutanix products facilitating the migration from complex 3-tier infrastructure to a simple HCI platform. AOS provides all of the core services (storage, upgrades, replication, etc.), Prism provides the control plane and management console and AHV provides a free virtualization platform (NOTE: you can also use ESXi, Hyper-V and XenServer).

Core capabilities include:

  • Core Platforms (HCI)
  • Storage Services
  • Virtualization
  • Centralized Management & Operations
  • Upgrades
  • Replication / DR

Step 2: Enabling Private Cloud (Essentials)

Essentials is focused on providing the capabilities to enable Core infrastructure to be consumed like a private cloud. Flow provides network segmentation and security, Files provides file services and Calm provides self-service, quotas and orchestration capabilities.

Essentials capabilities include:

  • Advanced Analytics & Anomaly Detection
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Self-service Portal (SSP) and Quotas
  • Microsegmentation
  • File Services

Step 3: Enabling Hybrid Cloud (Enterprise)

Enterprise is focused on providing the ability to migrate workloads between clouds and cloud services. This includes features like Beam which is focused on cost governance and compliance across cloud and on-premise deployments as well as other cloud services like Frame (DaaS) and Xi Leap (DRaaS).

Enterprise capabilities include:

  • Policy Driven DR / Run-book Automation
  • DRaaS
  • Hybrid Cloud Cost Governance & Compliance
  • Desktops As-A-Service (DaaS)
  • Database As-A-Service (RDS)
  • Kubernetes / Docker Services
  • Object Storage
  • Block Services

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