Omdia: Orange Cyberdefense recognized as a market challenger


Orange Cyberdefense recognized as a market challenger in IT security services


In the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Global IT Security Services Provider 2021 report, Orange Cyberdefense is recognized as a global market challenger.

Omdia says “Orange Cyberdefense should appear on enterprise shortlists because of its market-leading European presence, IoT experience, and growing focus on the cloud.” 

This Universe offers an independent, comprehensive, end-to-end assessment of world-leading global IT security service providers across two major IT security dimensions: end-to-end service capability and customer experience, and will assist decision-makers in shortlisting providers best suited to their requirements.


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"Omdia views Orange Cyberdefense as a strong challenger in global IT security services. The provider offers comprehensive security services and demonstrates industry security innovation, especially in the IoT and OT. Orange also scored second overall in peer recommendation score and third in product experience."

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