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Secure infrastructure

Innovation and tech evolve at dizzying speeds. Digital transformation is no longer optional.

How do you ensure that your technology platform helps you, not just to survive, but to thrive?

To realize the full potential of modern technology, organizations must design and build a solid foundation. This includes enabling a mobile workforce, realizing the full potential of cloud services, securely interconnecting industrial environments with traditional IT, etc. It requires secure access, solid protection of data, applications, and identities, and advanced data center and communications infrastructures.

Very few customers can invest in all the solutions that they require, so one of the biggest challenges customers face is to determine their risk appetite and make the right investments in people, processes and technology to reach that goal.

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Security is built on a solid foundation

The key to a secure infrastructure is selecting the right technology, built on a design that works not only today but can scale with the requirements of the company, and finally implementing this technology in accordance with best practices. Orange Cyberdefense continuously monitors the market and trains our consultants to be experts on market-leading solutions. We help customers across all the different Secure Infrastructure domains, including, but not limited to:


Switching, routing, wireless, SDN & IT automation, SD-WAN.

Core Infrastructure

ADC, DDI, Modernized Datacenter.

Policy Enforcement & Visibility

NG firewall, NAC.

Network Threat Protection

Secure web gateways, Web application firewalls, IPS, Email security, DDoS mitigation.

Every great product needs expertise

Investing in the right technology, guided by Orange Cyberdefense experts have seen it all before, with support from our experienced team to implement, support and operate the secure infrastructure, gives you optimized security and availability of your infrastructure. This enables the productivity and competitiveness of your business.

Market leading tech, network and accolades

Orange Cyberdefense offers market-leading technology, supported by highest partner status and technology certifications to make sure you get the security and availability your business requires. Our support is open around the clock, and if you are short on resources, our 24×7 NOC can take over some or all of the operational tasks required to avoid unplanned downtime.

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Incident Response Hotline

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Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.