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Dive into the latest trends, insights, and real-world case studies that are shaping cybersecurity practices in finance today. An exclusive event tailored for cybersecurity professionals in the finance and insurance sector.

What to expect

  • The evolving cyber threat landscape in finance and insurance
  • CERT Stories: how we dealt with the Ivanti vulnerabilities without losing (too much) sleep

  • Understanding cybersecurity regulation and compliancy

  • Customer case study: French Finance Instance

Join us for an insightful session tailored for cybersecurity professional in the finance/ insurance sector. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and network with industry experts. Reserve your seat today!

Program of the day

12:30  Welcome+ lunch
13:30  Openings talk by Filip Verstockt, General Manager - Orange Cyberdefense Belgium
13:40 The evolving cyber threat landscape in finance by Mael Sarp, CTI Team Leader at Orange Cyberdefense and Livia Tibirna CTI analyst Sekoia
14:20 CERT Stories: how we dealt with the Ivanti vulnerabilities without losing (too much) sleep by Robinson Delaguere, CSIRT analyst Orange Cyberdefense
14:50 Break
15:20 Legislation and Compliance by Dennis Verslegers, Strategic Advisor Application Security - Orange Cyberdefense
15:50 Customer case study: How does Société Générale tackle the never ending cyber challenges, Pierre TAIANI, Deputy Head of CERT Société Générale
16:30 Wrap up
16:40 Networking apero

More details about what to expect during this event

1. The evolving cyber threat landscape in finance

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest cyber threats affecting the finance sector.

Dive into the depths of financial cybercrime: from sophisticated phishing attacks or malwares to state sponsored threats targeting financial aggregators or decentralized finance platform, discover the unforgiving battle for financial security.

By Mael SARP, Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Leader at Orange Cyberdefense, previously served as Cyber Crisis Manager at ANSSI. His experience includes roles as an Analyst for the Navy and the French Minister of Army.
Livia Tibirna has excelled in diverse roles since 2014, ranging from economic intelligence to cyber threat analysis. Currently an Analyst in Cyber Threat Intelligence at SEKOIA, fortified by certifications from ANSSI, CNIL, and Cybrary. And Coline CHAVANE, Cyber Threat Analyst at SEKOIA..

2. CERT Stories: how we dealt with the Ivanti vulnerabilities without losing (too much) sleep

Explore real-world CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) stories involving zero day exploits like the cases with Ivanti. Discover how these incidents were identified, contained, and remediated.

Robinson Delaugerre (Orange Cyberdefense CSIRT) will highlight the steps taken by Orange Cyberdefense during the latest Ivanti vulnerability saga to mitigate the risk for Orange Cyberdefense and its customers, and present a general methodology and performance indicators

3. Understanding TIBER Regulation:

Delve into the TIBER (Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red Teaming) regulation and its implications for the financial industry. Learn how to comply with regulatory requirements while enhancing your organization's cybersecurity posture.

4. Customer case study: French Finance Instance:

Hear firsthand from a French finance institution about their experience with cybersecurity challenges and how CERT support was important in mitigating risks and protecting sensitive data. Gain practical knowledge from a real-life scenario.

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