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Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a safer digital & responsible society

At Orange Cyberdefense, we want to build a safer digital & responsible society. This means creating a positive impact on the environment, people at work, and our community. We strive to make our business fully sustainable and inclusive

We defend an ethical, responsible and inclusive vision of digital technology. That is why we are committed to our strategic plan Engage 2025 where we focus on the environment and the sustainable growth of our customers. Next to taking our responsibility for the global climate, we work on maturing digital literacy amongst citizens. 

We support digital literacy with free training

Digitalization is everywhere and will only continue to develop in the future. As a citizen, you need to stay on top of new technologies and tools if you want to keep up. This is not always easy because of the speed of all these technological developments. To help individuals, companies, students, independent organizations and others keep up, we have developed an interactive Cyber Experience Center where we immerse them in the world of digitization and the associated cybersecurity challenges. So far, we had visits from schools, the Ministry of Defense, VOKA, several cities, CEPA and many companies who wanted to raise awareness amongst their teams.

Students visiting the Orange Cyberdefense headquarters for training purposes.
Several organizations from different sectors visiting the Cyber Experience Center
Several organizations from different sectors visiting the Cyber Experience Center

Next to this digital immersion, we offer free IT training to anyone motivated to change their life. Our mission is to support digital literacy, develop digital expertise, and facilitate access to high-added-value jobs. To achieve this, we partnered with BeCode to enable a cybersecurity career in just 7 months.
Becoming a web developer, an AI operator, a DevSecOps developer, an SAP consultant, a pentester, or a cybersecurity analyst… all is possible. Orange Cyberdefense takes a leading role in the development and rollout of the DevOps curriculum. 

Start your career in cybersecurity
"On November 14, I was invited to give a presentation to students in the training center of our partner BeCode. I am happy to contribute to this project, where we identify talents in the Belgian market. After presenting my career and evolution as a pentester, I noticed many students were interested in improving their digital literacy to start a career in cybersecurity."
- Justin McCarthy, Team Lead Assessments at Orange Cyberdefense



A visit to the Cyber Experience Center of Orange Cyberdefense.
"All profiles in our society should have digital skills. Digitalization will become more important every year. It was thus inspiring to have these young, motivated students in our Cyber Experience Center. We are happy to contribute to this project through training in the domain of AI, Cybersecurity, DevOps, and Web Development. With this program, we want to maximize the job opportunities for juniors and bridge the gap between digital talents and the Belgian job market."
- Simen Van der Perre, Strategic Advisor at Orange Cyberdefense



Orange Cyberdefense embraces a circular economy

Orange Cyberdefense embraces a circular economy by making the most of our IT equipment by applying three basic principles: reduce, reuse and recycle.

More specifically, Orange Cyberdefense is partnering with the Close-The-Gap and Digital-For-Youth associations which collect used IT equipment and recondition it into professional tools destined for educational, medical, and entrepreneurial projects in Belgium or developing countries, notably schools.

Secondly, we are integrating circular economy guidelines in our sourcing practices, particularly for hardware purchases.

Together, we can build a safer digital society.

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