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Application Security

Securing digital platforms

Classical markets with declining productivity impede the growth of our social and economic systems. Organizations are well aware of this and are digitalizing to the fullest in order to strengthen their market position. New digital platforms are being developed to enhance efficiency, to better inform and support customers, and to create business value and innovative collaboration between partners. One of the biggest struggles when it comes to the creation of digital platforms is security. With cybercrime being one of the biggest economies now, no risks can be taken.

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Orange Cyberdefense to the rescue

We strongly believe that digital platform security is a mindset rather than a product. Our aim is to assist customers in embracing this mindset and engraining it into the daily work of their DevSecOps teams by giving them the tools, knowledge, and support to do so. We help your DevSecOps team, or your thirdparty DevSecOps team, with the development of secure digital platforms, whether it is a new platform or an already-in-use one you wish to optimize. We deploy trajectories leading to secure digital platforms, from the early idea to the operational management.

Our DevSecOps services

By guiding you through an iterative and well-defined process, your DevSecOps journey gains significant meaning and impact, resulting in many benefits, among a sustained DevSecOps roadmap, security awareness becomes second nature, DevSecOps maturity rises, durable improvements in secure practices, etc. All critical factors that boost innovation and long-lasting success.

Our DevSecOps services follow industry-recognized standards and frameworks, including OWASP SAMM. We refer to for any further information about OWASP SAMM.


  • Architectural risk assessments
  • Application security governance
  • Compliance audits
  • SSDLC maturity assessments
  • SSDLC roadmap designing

DevSecOps technical services

  • Threat modeling
  • Security requirements definition
  • Secure code guidance
  • Secure tooling benchmarking
  • Reference security architectures development
  • CI/CD integration engineering and automation
  • Secure blueprinting.

Application Assessments

  • Architectural Risk Assessments
  • Software code (composition) analysis
  • Security testing and validation
  • Penetration testing

OWASP SAMM-based process guidance in eight successive steps

  • Elicit the actual DevOps or DevSecOps practice.
  • Elicit the expected DevSecOps practice.
  • Contextualize further workshops by applying the target team topology.
  • Thematic workshop preparation.
  • Perform interactive workshops.
  • Analyze acquired information.
  • Conduct feedback workshops.
  • Reporting and DevSecOps-roadmap.


Discover our full lifecycle within Application Security

Orange Cyberdefense provides knowledgeable experts in the domain of secure development, 'from initial idea to managed exploitation'.

We have knowledge across the different steps of the development process and can provide insights at governance, management, and operational levels.

Combined with our deep technical understanding we can translate specific policies into actionable and scalable solutions. We always start from the objective to enable the teams to perform their jobs as efficiently as possible and to empower them in security wherever possible.

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Facing cyber incidents right now?

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