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Ransomware recovery

What is your ransomware remediation strategy?

When it comes down to ransomware attacks, sadly the question is not “if” but “when” you will get hit. No matter how thick your line of defense is, the bad guys are still getting through.

Ransomware is one of the most serious threats to modern data. When basic operations get disrupted, companies are tied up and unable to serve their customers. One of the key pillars in being able to recover from a ransomware attack is to have a sound backup strategy in place. Malicious actors however are well aware of this. If attackers successfully breach the backup console or gain write access to the backup data, then they can destroy backups, change retention policies and redefine backup jobs, leaving the backup system in chaos. Organizations without a useful backup system will be left with few options but to pay the ransom. It is key to take a closer look on how data is being protected and make sure your backups become truly bullet-proof so they effectively serve as your last line of defense.

Don’t pay the ransom

Malicious actors know that if they can exploit your backups you will have no choice but to pay ransoms. If your backup are still intact, you will need to determine what to recover and how long it will take. If you can’t answer these questions, you’ll come back to pay ransom. 

What makes everything worse is that paid ransom is not a guarantee. Even if you receive the decoding key the recovery process may take several days or weeks. And once its decrypted you might as well find that the hacker didn’t give you everything. Meanwhile your critical applications are down and your profits suffer. Restoring from a clean backup is really the only way to beat hackers.

We help you establish and operate bullet-proof backups!

Key take-aways:

  • Immutable backups are more resilient to attacks
  • Minimize backup system exposure
  • Reducing risk of losing backups during an attack
  • Accelerate recovery from an attack
  • Implement a Zero Trust approach on data security (modeled to NIST)

Analyze Threats

Analyze backup metadata for unusual behavior. Quickly identify what data was encrypted and where it lives.

Discover Sensitive Data

Locate personally identifiable information (PII) that may have been exposed to a data exfiltration attack.

Enforce Compliance

Automatically protect new workloads and lock retention to prohibit backup data from being deleted.

Full Restore

Quickly and efficiently recover all data and workloads using the mass recovery wizard.


Eliminate unnecessary data loss by surgically recovering only impacted data.

App Level

Easily recover single apps or groups of apps along with dependencies and restart priorities with AppFlows Blueprints

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Modernized Data Protection Service for Microsoft 365

Businesses are rapidly adopting Microsoft 365 services to leverage the flexibility of the cloud, reduce operational costs, and support employee productivity. However, protecting this data poses many challenges, including operational limitations, slow recovery due to data loss, and difficulty in meeting compliance requirements.

Microsoft 365 shared responsibility model

Organizations understand the value of backing up their data on-premises, but often don't invest in SaaS data protection in the same way. Many IT managers assume that their cloud providers have "assured backups" - a dangerous assumption that can lead to data loss. The cloud provider's terms and conditions clearly state that protecting data in the cloud is a shared responsibility between you (the customer) and the cloud provider.

Microsoft's service agreement states that you must regularly save the content and data that you store on services or storage. This leaves the customer at an important decision point - how to protect my property safely and reliably reside in the cloud?
While the question seems simple, the answer is really quite complicated.

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