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Audit and consulting

We protect your information, your reputation and your business!

The audit and consulting team assists you in minimizing the impact of a cyber incident on your business operations.

Finding the appropriate level of cybersecurity requires grasping your risk appetite, compliance and business requirements.

We assist you in planning the best mix of people, processes and technology.

The Orange Cyberdefense audit and consulting team has extensive experience in working with organizations, providing expert advice and recommendations. Together with your business and technology experts, we design and architect cybersecurity functions and solutions, to ensure you have the appropriate level of protection. We help you allocate your resources in relation to risks, business opportunities, and across the security lifecycle

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Operational IT Assessment

It is our aim to secure and align your Industrial Control Systems (Operational IT) with the IT related processes and technology.

Security Maturity Assessment

Today, the need for organizations to be cyber secure goes without saying. Technology is often not the problem anymore. The challenge resides within the process and people approach. Our aim is find the balance between people – process – technology.

Cybersecurity Awareness Program

An efficient service dedicated to assist customers with the implementation of their Cybersecurity Awareness Program. We can act as a source of inspiration when organizing educational campaigns.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

A lightweight yet efficient workshop to put your incident response capabilities to the test.

An improved incident handling will result in a quicker recovery while sustaining less damage.

Crown Jewel Analysis

The importance of information security in an organization is increasing day by day. Digitalization and the ever-growing network connected to third-parties & IoT devices often mean an increased risk of cyber-attacks. Crown Jewels Analysis (CJA) is a process for identifying the digital assets that are critical for accomplishing the missions of an organization and that, if compromised, would have a major business impact.

ISO2700x Implementation Services

We assist you in planning, creating, optimizing, and certifying an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our senior cybersecurity experts bring extensive experience and pragmatical information security process control expertise.


A cybersecurity expert(s) at your disposal to fulfill all your cybersecurity and related compliancy requirements as advisor, a program lead, and a technology roadmap strategist.

Cloud Security Maturity Assessment

Orange Cyberdefense created its Cloud Security Maturity Model to segment and analyze organizations based on their security posture, specifically in the context of the cloud. The in-house developed assessment accompanying the model is a proven first step in helping you understand where you stand in the spectrum of security maturity and provides the perfect platform for building a long-term growth strategy of effective cyber protection. 

We support you throughout the entire threat lifecycle



Anticipate the latest cyber threats and prevent digital risk.



Identify your risks and prepare your security strategy.



Protect your organization with the right technology and expertise.



Detect cyber attacks through analysis of alerts and behavior anomalies.



Respond to cyber attacks with proper containment and remediation plans.


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Facing cyber incidents right now? Contact our 24/7/365 word wide service incident response hotline.  

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Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.